“Victory in View”

Even on the day of closing with only one hour before the appointed schedule, documentation was still being received and it looked like there might be yet another delay.  However, in faith Bishop Dickerson traveled to the bank and with not one minute left after four years of labor 920 E. Fulton Street was handed over to “Harvestime Ministries” and 4500 Refugee Road was passed to “Ebenezer Baptist Church”Hallelujah!

 Packing and moving was next on the agenda.  A tremendous level of activity went on over the next several weeks.  Preparation for cleanup, sanitizing and retrofitting was set in motion and schedules were arranged.  There were many exchanges between “Grace”, as well as “Ebenezer” and “Harvestime”.  Utility companies were contacted, movers and packers were engaged and finally it was moving day.   On October 15, 2008 keys were exchanged, security codes were surrendered, telephone lines were installed and boxes were picked up and moved.